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Why Purchase a Duplex ?

    1. Typically Cheaper than a Detached home
    2. Live up and rent down
    3. Generate Cash flow to help pay your mortgage
    4. Have a family member live close to you
    5. Generate more cash flow per $ invested then you could from a detached home 

Why have Glen assist you with your Duplex Purchase ?

    1. Glen owns duplex properties
    2. Glen has been investing in real estate for 20 + years
    3. Glen has been Selling Real Estate in Calgary for Re/Max for 10 + years
    4. Glen is in and out of duplexes weekly and knows the current Calgary marketplace
    5. Glen was born in Calgary and knows the neighborhoods 
    6. Glen is a proven Negotiator and will Negotiate you the best possible purchase price
    7. Glen has been doing renovations on his properties for years so he understands the mechanical concepts of duplexes
    8. Glen has assembled a team of professionals (mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, property managers, Handymen, plumbers) that understand duplexes
    9. Glen can help you analyze the financial cash flow on your purchase
    10. Glen understands tenants and can help you find good ones, or can refer a good property manager
    11. Glen is a member of REIN the Real Estate Investment Network and has access to some unlisted properties

If you are wanting to SELL a DUPLEX Click Here  

Here are all the current duplex listings in Calgary

BOOKMARK this page LISTINGS are UPDATED hourly.

Call Glen to View Any Property or just to Discuss Your Requirements  403 829-9500

Featured Listings

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